From surviving to thriving

There are hundreds of books and magazines telling you how to stay young. This newsletter will not! I believe, we should stop listening to the stories that claim that by default a younger person is somehow better, healthier, happier more successful and beautiful than an older one. Ageing Upwards is about standing up to the cultural obsession with youth and allowing ourselves to fully embrace our age and life. Let’s not waste another moment wishing for the greener grass on the other side of 50.

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  • Why is the term “successful ageing” is an oxymoron

  • How can we avoid internalising ageism?

  • How can companies and organisations retain and attract mature experienced employees through mindfulness training.

  • Why we should stop looking at ageing as binary

  • Why the ability to focus and sustain attention is important for our wellbeing

  • How improved inner- and outer awareness is key to changing the way we live and make decisions

  • Why self-compassion is the new black

  • Why the current one-size-fits-all life arrangement (learn/ work & save/ retire), is neither financially sustainable as we live for longer, nor beneficial to our health and well-being.

  • Why ageing involves suffering – and why that is a good thing

  • How mindfulness can be a gateway to vitality and mental flexibility

  • Why being fully present is deeply underrated

  • How we can stop self-created sufferings

  • How pauses are superfood for the mind

  • How we can change our sense of self - if we actually have a self

  • How to deal with thoughts and worries related to growing older

  • How getting to know and feel our bodies can help us accept what happens to it

  • How the Selection, Optimisation and Compensation (SOC) model can help us adapt to life.

  • and so much more……..

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You are of course always welcome to participate in discussions and reflections - and if you provide really insightful stuff, I might contact you for an interview in order to appear in the book.

In sum, come and be part of a community of people who would like to explore ways to thrive at any age.

I will post twice a month (I also have a book to write :-))

About me

This newsletter and the upcoming book brings together my personal and academic ventures of the last 30 years in communication, psychology, ageing and mindfulness. The book is inspired by the experiences I have gained through 10 years of teaching and practicing mindfulness. In particular, I am drawing on the experiences I have gained from creating, teaching and researching an 8 week Mindfulness Based Vitality & Ageing (MBVA) course in cooperation with Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) and Leyden Academy of Vitality and Ageing in the Netherlands. I am an accredited Mindfulness and MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Teacher, and I hold a BA (Honours) in Psychology, a MSc of Vitality and Ageing and a MA of Communication.

Berit Lewis

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Embracing age rather than grieving the loss of youth.


Berit Lewis
Mindfulness consultant / Speaker / Author (to-be). I write about the challenges longevity creates in individuals and society. I hope to inspire how to grow older mindfully through awareness, acceptance, (self-) compassion and adaptation.